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Authorized distributor of Thomas Scientific products for Latin America.

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thomas scientific


Authorized distributor of HORIBA products for Latin America.

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Authorized distributor of VDS products for Latin America.

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VDS Optical


Authorized distributor of TRC products for Latin America.

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Kits for 2019-nCoV CDC

Qualified Probe and Primer Kits for SARS-CoV-2

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We are CWS Abroad

CWS ABROAD aims to reduce customs, transportation and storage costs, facilitating the import process for our customers. CWS also enables customers to import directly and can consolidate shipments, thus eliminating the need and cost of performing many different processes, simplifying business negotiation and reducing the time required to contact different companies. With a highly qualified team, combined with 20 years of experience in the market, CWS ABROAD quickly prepares and prepares the documentation process according to the requirements of the Brazilian agencies, and offers the support of a team located in Brazil and the United States.

Extensive logistics system

Experience is our advantage when offering procurement contracts and logistics solutions throughout the United States.

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