About Us

CWS Abroad

We are a company with more than 20 years in the market, with extensive experience in customs services and sales of products and equipment for analytical and research laboratories, chemical products and consumables.

Our goal is to reduce customs, transportation and storage costs, facilitating the import process for our customers. CWS also enables customers to import directly and can consolidate shipments, thus eliminating the need and cost of performing many different processes, simplifying business negotiation and reducing the time required to contact different companies.

With a highly qualified team, CWS ABROAD quickly prepares the process and documentation according to the requirements and needs of each client, offering all the necessary support.
We are located in Hollywood, Florida, where we focus our export and sales operations.

Our location makes it easy to move goods in and out of the United States. We work with the main brands and manufacturers in the world, always seeking to offer our customers the best on the market.

All our experience and structure are prepared to serve our customers in the best way possible.


Provide an effective link between customers and suppliers, generating greater profitability.


Be recognized as a national leader in the distribution of products for the foreign market.


Promote mutual growth between company and employees based on ethics, environmental responsibility and technological innovation.