Tosoh Corporation is the parent company of a Japanese chemical and specialty products and materials group that comprises over 100 companies worldwide and a multiethnic workforce of more than 12,000 people.

The parent company was established in 1935 and is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In the 80 years that we have been in business, we have built balanced product lines of commodity chemicals for industry and of specialty products and materials for high technology and niche markets.

Tosoh’s principal markets include the chemical and petrochemical, construction, automotive, consumer electronics, information technology, bioscience, and environmental markets.

Tosoh, in short, is a global chemical company that supplies manufacturers with the materials they need to produce the things that make modern life all that it is and everything it can be.

High-quality chromatographic instruments, columns and separation media

Tosoh Bioscience is a leading supplier of chromatographic columns, media, and sophisticated diagnostic systems. Bringing the best in quality products and services from complete in-house bioseparation and diagnostic portfolios.

For more information about what bioseparation systems and media Tosoh can offer your region, please visit the website of a Tosoh Group company nearest you.

Note: Information contained on this website regarding bioseparations and purification products capabilities and other such descriptions are reflective of what is acceptable in Japan and may be different to what is actually accepted and cleared by local regulatory bodies. Please visit the the website of, or, contact your nearest Tosoh representative for more information.