LAQUA DS-72 – Horiba Touchscreen Color LCD Meters

Stress-Free Assessment, Top-of-the-Line Model
Water quality analysis is a routine task conducted in laboratories daily. Our advanced benchtop model was designed to offer simplicity and exceptional on-site usability, covering everything from operation and upkeep to issue resolution.

LAQUA DS-72 meter measures conductivity, resistivity, salinity, total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature parameters and complies with industrial pharmacopoeia standards (JIS, USP, EP, JP and CP).

The meters’ auto diagnostic function allows the user to make sure that the instruments will always give high performance and reliable measurements. Fully GLP/GMP compliant, the LAQUA can be connected to an external printer. To ensure traceability, all results are recorded together with sample name, user ID and calibration information.

We offer a comprehensive range of conductivity electrodes adapted to all type of application and sample. Recognised for their stability and longevity, HORIBA’s electrodes provide accurate measurement in all conditions.

LAQUA’s large capacitance touch screen panel:

The display is easy to understand and functions menu is shown
Switch between digital real time graphs or analogue displays during measurement with just flick of a finger
Full on-screen support on the meter via an electronic user guide with colour pictures that can be called-up at any time, a problem-solving guide for calibration and measurement


Easy navigation for meter and display available for electrode condition check
Full support for various pharmaceutical pure water guidelines (USP/EP/JP/CP)
Auto-hold function for calibration and measurement
Simultaneous connection to a GLP/GMP compatible printer and computer
Digital memory – maximum 2,000 sets of measurement data can be recorded
USB-PC communication and USB memory
Multi-language support (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)


The HORIBA Group of companies provides a wide range of instruments and systems for applications ranging from automobile manufacturing to environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics, semiconductor manufacturing, and various other applications. The proven quality and reliable performance of HORIBA’s products have established trust in the brand across various industry segments. CWS Abroad is a distributor of Horiba equipment.

Inspired by HORIBA’s quality and in light of the growing global environmental and ecological concerns, CWS Abroad is pleased to offer its customers all products from the “Scientific” and “Process & Environmental” lines. Horiba equipment features specific characteristics from the manufacturer and distinct technology unlike any other product in the world. Be sure to check out the line of multiparameter equipment, benchtop analyzers, field analyzers, and the compact LAQUAtwin meter series.