Kromasil 100-10-diC4 50 x 150 mm M10DCT15

Kromasil® diC4 stationary phase for peptide and biomolecule separations.

Higher yield
Reduced use of organic solvent
Higher loading capacity
Increased productivity

Kromasil® diC4, a fully porous spherical silica with dibutyl silane derivation, is available in bulk with pore size of 100 or 300 Å and particle size of 10 to 16 μm.

Kromasil® diC4 has strong C4 characteristics in terms of capacity and hydrophobicity. The main difference is a steric selectivity between a C18 and a C4, more like a C8.

Selectivity that can take loading capacity and productivity to new levels
The better loading capacity in the first step gives diC4 a significant advantage over C4 in the second step, where high purity must be achieved.