Biological and chemical indicators are goods that have been designed to be part of the good practice procedures mandated by regulatory bodies; their use is essential for monitoring the sterilizing process.

What role do biological and chemical indicators play in sterilization?

The most effective method for eliminating viruses, bacteria, esporos, fungi, protozoários, and helminths that cause infections, diseases, and other harm to human health is sterilization. Only sterilization ensures the patient’s integrity against microbiological life that is harmful to his or her health, making sterilization and related issues critical.

Biological and chemical indicators are used in different ways during the sterilization and monitoring processes. Monitoring with a chemical indicator should be done daily, and monitoring with a biological indicator should be done at least once a week. The physical monitoring, provided by the equipment, must be carried out in 100% of the sterilization cycles.


Learn about biochemical and chemical indicators for sterilization

The chemical indicators are classified as follows:


Class 1 – Process Indicator

Class 2 – Bowie & Dick Test

Class 3 – Single parameter indicator

Class 4 – Multiparametric Indicator

Class 5 – Integrating Indicators

Class 6 – Emulator Indicators


Chemical Indicators, as the name suggests, monitor the sterilization process chemically. The technology used in this type of indicator causes a reaction between the sterilization medium and the indicator, allowing the process to be identified as approved only if the ideal medium for this reaction is present.


Biological Indicators:


1 – Strips with spores

2 – Self-contained


Biological indicators are considered the safest technique to monitor sterilization since their technology consists of impregnating paper strips with spores (dormant bacteria resistant to the sterilization procedure to be monitored). After sterilization, the strip is incubated in the culture media. If the spore does not form, the sterilizing technique was successful in eliminating all sorts of microbial life.


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